Wind Energy Services

The Atmospheric Studies Group at TRC provides a full range of meteorological consulting services for the wind energy industry. TRC scientists have extensive experience with mesoscale meteorological modeling, diagnostic modeling and model development, Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) modeling, meteorological data analysis, climatological studies, and real-time numerical weather prediction.

High-Resolution Wind Mapping

TRC employs mesoscale models, such as MM5 with Four Dimensional Data Assimilation, coupled with the CALMET diagnostic model in order to produce site specific fine-scale wind data useful in wind resource assessment studies. The MM5 model is a community mesoscale model that has been tested and validated for a wide range of applications and geographic regions. The coupled CALMET and MM5 models can offer an independent refined approach to wind resource mapping for evaluating potential wind energy sites.

TRC scientists customize model simulations for each individual modeling region and perform sensitivity tests to optimize model performance before multi-year model simulations are carried out.

Meteorological Analysis for Site Assessment and Micrositing


TRC can provide meteorological monitoring and data analysis services for site assessment, feasibility analysis, and micrositing. This includes meteorological monitoring system siting and evaluation, data validation and reporting, Measure-Correlate-Predict analysis, statistical analysis, and climatological studies. TRC can use this data to perform an energy production analysis and wind power density calculations.

Computational Fluid Dynamics Modeling with FLUENT

TRC scientists can conduct high resolution flow modeling using the FLUENT Computational Fluid Dynamics (CFD) model to simulate the influence of local terrain, trees, and nearby structures on wind turbines. TRC can use this tool to develop very high resolution local wind maps for micrositing studies.

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Customized Numerical Weather Prediction

TRC can provide customized numerical weather prediction services that support wind farm operations using the most advanced meteorological models. Customized automated forecasts can be provided worldwide and made available electronically.


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