- 3-D Met. Data
             - Aerial Photos
             - CASTNET
             - Coastline
             - Custom Met. Data
             - Land Use/Land Cover
             - Model Ready
             - Overwater
             - Terrain
             - Topographic Maps
             - Upper Air
             - VIEWS
             - Weather Maps

Air Quality Modeling Data Sets

Satellite Image merged with DEM Data

Land Use Data

NED Data

Digital Elevation Model

Facility Aerial Photo

Digital Raster Graphic

Daily Weather Map

           MM5/WRF Data
              - 2006-2012 Data Available
           RUC Data
              - 2003-2012 & Real-Time Forecast Data Available
           NAM Data
              - Real-Time Forecast Data

           United States

           Hourly Ozone Data
           Hourly Meteorological Data
           Hourly Deposition Flux & Velocity Data

              - Custom multi year data sets for AERMOD
              - Custom MMIF output for AERMET, AERMOD, or CALPUFF

           Lambert Azimuthal LULC Data
           USGS CTG LULC Data
           USGS NLCD 92 Data

           VISTAS Data

           National Data Buoy Center (NDBC) Data
           NOAA Marine Environmental Buoy Database
           International Comprehensive Ocean-Atmosphere Data Set
           NCEP Near-Real-Time (NRT) Marine Reports

   Surface and Precipitation Data
           Surface Observations
              - Used for input into SMERGE
           Precipitation Data
              - Used for input into PMERGE

           SRTM30/GTOPO30 Data
           SRTM Data
           USGS DEM Data

           NOAA/ESRL RAOB Data
           Model Output Location Time Series (MOLTS) Data

           U.S. Daily Weather Maps
           European Weather Maps

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